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dblume's completed tasks:

Make python netcat with shortcut keys.
Clean up build scripts.
SYS-4198 : Browse enhancement
Investigate Bedazzled.
Finish the Problem Definition Spec.
Refine error code lookup.
Make Orfeus control system do what it needs.
Fix SYS-4862 PLAY_NEXT/PREV issue
Diagram the CM stack, iterators
Transcribe notes to wiki!
SYS-4199 - Make more things playable
Graph OSD scrollwheel data in script
Parse system packets by line.
Add buttons in Controller UI
Fix OSD slow scrolling
Add "Device" option to Python Controller
Emulate player for binary delimiters on Pronto
Trace command routing
Integrate p4 into UltraEdit
Read OS Design
VNC with Mike Kobb
Read Message Passing Between Sequential Processes